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Waterpool was founded by a group of concerned irrigators in 2012 following the closure of the Watermove Pooled Water Exchange, the only true market-driven price disclosure mechanism of allocation trade at the time.


Within the space of a month, the idea and concern transformed into a fully-operational, well-funded member owned co-operative with 50 foundation members. In the years since, Waterpool has grown to over 1,250 members and conducts more than 1,000 water trades every year.


Waterpool was established to provide transparent and ethical water trading for all water users and we continue to define ourselves by this approach.





  • Waterpool is owned by water users for water users.
  • Our experienced staff provide the care and attention that traders expect.
  • Waterpool trades allocation water through a pooled exchange at a price driven by the market.
  • Waterpool operates a live online Traderoom that operates 24/7 for rapid trade of allocation water.
  • Waterpool provides a “start to finish” service for clients trading in permanent entitlements and are experts in providing guidance in water purchases and sales.
  • Waterpool uses the electronic interface to the Victorian Water Register to ensure the speedy and smooth handling of all allocation trade approvals.
  • Waterpool sets the standards of ethical transparent water trading.
  • Waterpool not only looks after the larger traders, smaller traders are afforded the same care and attention to detail.
  • Profits will not be ordinarily distributed to members – profits will be reinvested into the business.
  • The weekly trading process is independently audited.
  • Waterpool will not undertake private trades of allocation entitlement outside the mechanisms adopted for fair and transparent market disclosure.



Waterpool is a great resource for anyone interested in water trading in Australia. Our members and traders consist of irrigators, farmers, government organisations, corporate clients and other water trading organisations. We also serve as a great resource for growers’ and farmers’ organisations, and for local and state government.


In simple terms, think of Waterpool like the stock exchange of water. You can visit our trading room and website to find out more about how water is trading, or if you are ready to trade, then you can sign up and trade with us 24/7.







As a member of Waterpool you have a distinct advantage. You are kept up to date with all the industry news and even better still you will get priority opportunity to exclusive deals when and as they become available. (Conditions apply)


Waterpool provides “free of charge” entitlement assessments and positive solutions to the water issues of its members.


Waterpool is simple to join; ask our helpful staff for a membership application or simply start trading, your membership fee of $50 will be charged against your first trade.


Membership of Waterpool is open to all water users:-


  • Each member shall have one vote whenever a matter is referred to members for decision.





Pooled Water Exchange

  • The only allocation trade method that guarantees the market participants set the price.
  • The weekly exchange processes are independently audited.
  • The “pool” caters for both large and small trades.
  • Successful buyers will have water transferred almost instantly upon payment.
  • Sellers payments are guaranteed.
  • Pool results are published and full trade history is available on Waterpool’s website.



  • Live online instant trade matching 24/7.
  • Easy to use.
  • Offers connected to the pool to ensure the market drives the price.
  • Almost instant transfer of water upon payment for buyers.
  • Simple registration process.
  • History of trade information provided.


Permanent Entitlement Trade

  • Waterpool has extensive listings of Permanent Water.
  • Waterpool ensures it provides the stewardship required to see trades completed from the day they are matched to final settlement.
  • We work with our clients to ensure that processing is as seamless as possible.
  • Our fee structure is very competitive.


Lease of Entitlement

  • Waterpool can arrange entitlement leases through several third party corporate lease providers or from private water owners looking to for a return on their water asset.
  • Leasing is fast becoming a tool of choice as irrigators look to secure water and still retain working capital within their businesses.


Forward Allocation

  • Waters users can chose to commit to water for the next irrigation season at a set price.
  • Water can be delivered and paid at the time you need the water which enables irrigators to preserve cash until it is actually required.
  • A commitment to forward allocation also provide a level of surety of supply.


Carryover Protection

  • Waterpool provides a facility where irrigators can protect at risk water by carrying that water over against Low and High Reliability Water Shares.
  • Enquiries from Water Share holders with space for rent are very welcome.


Water Management

  • Waterpool provides water management services for both corporate and private irrigator clients.
  • Do you have entitlement that is not being fully utilized? Waterpool management services has innovative solutions for every situation.



We are proud of our dedicated staff of water specialists. Our staff care about our members and will go that extra mile to help members through the mine field of statutory requirements and water trading rules. Put simply, we are here to help!

Current staff profiles are available by clicking here.




Waterpool is a company governed by a co-operative constitution. The members are the shareholders of the company.


Waterpool runs under its established co-operative principles:-

  • To provide a pooled exchange trading model that will:-
    • Support a fair and ethical trading environment,
    • Conduct trades in an open and transparent manner,
    • Provide a published current price reference point for market participants,
    • Ensure confidentiality of trade and trader information.
    • Publish and adhere to developed pooled exchange trading rules.
  • To provide a live online traderoom environment that provides the same transparency and price disclosure as the pooled exchange.
  • To provide a credible brokering service for both low & high reliability water shares.
  • Governance protocols ensures that all members are treated equitably and that no Director or involved person will be advantaged over another member.
  • Ensure that the Constitution permits the member elected Board to appoint, at its discretion, skilled independent Directors, in the minority, to oversee the operation of the Waterpool business.
  • Protocols have been developed to ensure appropriate disclosure of the water trading activities of Directors or other involved persons.
  • Click here for Director Profiles.


Waterpool is proud of its co-operative structure and the following seven guiding principles distinguish a co-operative from other business structures.

These are set out in section 6 of the Co-operatives Act 2009.


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