Board Profiles


Peter Fitzgerald Adv.Dip.Agric. GAICD –  Chairman


  Peter served nine years as a Councillor for the United Dairyfarmers of Victoria. Peter represented irrigators on the local Water Services Committee for ten years, filing the role of chairman for three years.  He is a former director of the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (3 years) and former director of Goulburn-Murray Water (6 years). Peter is a graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program and the Australian Institute of Company Directors course. Peter is co-owner of the family dairy and beef business spread between Tongala and Kotupna.

Paul Weller


Paul is a dairy farmer milking on irrigated pastures at Lockington in Northern Victoria. By making significant investment in new equipment processes and implementing best practice livestock, land and water techniques Paul has grown the size of the farm from milking 70 dairy cows plus 150 beef breeders in 1979 to milking more than 750 cows today.


Pauls past industry positions include:


  • Vice-president, United Dairy Farmers of Victoria (1998-2001);
  • Chairman of Target Ten (1999-2001);
  • Chairman of the Victorian Landcare and Farm Trees Association (1999-2003);
  • Chairman of Board, Vic Stock Pty Ltd (1999-2001);
  • President of the Victorian Farmers Federation (2002-2005);
  • Board Member of the National Farmers Federation (2002-2005);
  • Chair of the National Farmers Federation Water Task Force (2002-2005);
  • Director of Murray Goulburn Co-operative (2005-2006);
  • Member of Victorian Parliament (2006-2014) – Member for Rodney – Paul held the roles of Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and Chairman of the Rural and Regional Committee of the Victorian Parliament;
  • Current Director of Agersens Pty Ltd.

Paul’s knowledge of water, farming issues, corporate governance, government policies along with the networks he has established provide vital skills to our Board. 


TIM HUMPRHIS B.V.Sc (Hons) m.v.s.


Tim graduated with a bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from Melbourne University in 1993 and completed a Masters of Veterinary Studies in Dairy Medicine and Management in 1997.


Tim spent fifteen years working as a Dairy Veterinarian in Kyabram from 1994 until 2009. In 2008 he embarked on following a lifelong ambition of owning a dairy farm.  He now runs a 300 cow dairy farm, with high exposure to the temporary water market. Water, and the knowledge of how the water market operates has been critical to the success of the farming business over the past ten years.  It has been vital that Tim has taken every opportunity to inform himself on water policy, and issues surrounding the trading of water to reduce the impact of the volatility of the water market on the business.


Tim believes that the ability to be able to trade water in an open and transparent manner is vital. Tim has been very impressed with the vision and foresight of the initial founding directors of Waterpool and believes it is critical that Waterpool continues to operate in the market place as a member owned cooperative. 


Tim’s other interests lie in genetics, and he is heavily involved in the Australian Red Dairy Breed, and also Datagene, an independent and industry-owned organisation responsible for driving genetic gain and herd improvement in the Australian dairy industry.



Peter Mulcahy  Adv.Dip.Agric.


Peter owns and operates three large dairy farms at Kyabram milking around 3000 cows and a 5000 acre cropping enterprise at Berrigan.


Peter is also owner and Managing Director of Southern Processing, a significant dairy manufacturing and distribution company based in Kyabram. Milk is sourced from other farms as well as their own farms, supplying products to Australia and exporting to Asia. The company is employing 100 staff. Peter is also an active member of the Kyabram Rotary Club.


Peter is married to Mandy and has five daughters.


Hank Bruger


Hank is an ex-irrigator who is engaged in consultancy work with a focus on the dairy sector. His specific expertise is developed by a career path that started with an Agricultural degree education in The Netherlands and international travel. It includes operating a dairy business in the Kerang-Koondrook area. Other career aspects include developing and operating a large corporate dairy business with a focus on financial and farm physical reporting and governance to a Board and supporting a CEO. He has a passion for agriculture and a conviction that access to water in a transparent market is vital for the sustainability of communities in the greater Murray-Darling basin.

 Margot Henty B.A. Dip. Ed





Growing up in the Upper Murray, Margot received undergraduate and post graduate education at Monash University specialising in Geography and Education, and has maintained a lifelong interest in natural resource management and agriculture. Margot is based at Cohuna where her husband and she manage an intensive irrigated dairy farm which includes owning and managing irrigation Water Entitlement. Since September 2015 Margot has been a non-executive director of the Board of Goulburn Murray Water Corporation. Margot is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

From that base Margot has engaged in a large number of consultative committees where landholder input has been required and communication important. This has included The Murray Darling Basin Community Consultative Committee and Victorian Basin Plan Advisory Group as well as more regional interests in the Barr Creek Salinity Working Group and Water for Growth Committee. Her understanding of the core principles of water management and trading have been enhanced by a long membership of the Torrumbarry Water Services Committee which advises Goulburn-Murray Water in its relationships with customers. A key interest has been the consequences and opportunities of modernising the irrigation delivery system and sale of irrigation water which have had significant impact in the western half of the irrigation area in the last 15 years.








Stephen was appointed Independent Director of Waterpool Coop Ltd. in September 2017. Stephen has diverse Corporate Experience in business in Australia and the Asian Region. He owns and manages several businesses in a variety of sectors. In addition, he has a family owned beef and sheep property located at Howes Creek near Mansfield.

Stephen brings knowledge and experience in Marketing, Business management, eCommerce and New Business Creation to the Board.





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