Seasonal Determination update for season 2017/18 NSW

 Wednesday 15 November, 2017

Water Allocation Update - NSW

Announcement Date:
 15th November 2017


NSW Murray General Security

NSW Murray general security allocation has increased by 3 per cent to 35 per cent of entitlement, with a commensurate increase in allocation to conveyance entitlements.

Rainfall, although below average across upper Murray catchment during October, plus tributary inflows provided this small improvement.

NSW Murray High Security

Remains at 97% of entitlement.

Murrumbidgee General Security

There is no increase in Murrumbidgee regulated river general security allocations at this time. They remain unchanged at 33 per cent of entitlement.

There has been no significant improvement in resources, with inflows into the storages being limited due to intermittent and patchy rainfall since the last assessment.

Murrumbidgee High Security

Remains at 95% of entitlement.

Next announcements

The next announcement will be on Friday 1st December 2017. 

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